How to drink and appreciate red wine in the summer

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Who said that during the summer season, even in the hottest period of the year, you can’t enjoy red wines like our Sangiovese?

Of course, white wine or a sparkling wine served chilled are the best choice, but a glass of red wine is ideal to accompany a structured dish, such as grilled meat or barbecues which are very common in summer.

The right serving temperature for red wine

The secret is simple: we have to serve the wine at the right temperature, so not at 30 degrees on a summer day but at around 18-20 ° C

Let's try to understand why red wine is much more pleasant at 18 ° C.

In wine tasting, there are several components that interact in our palate and contribute to the balance of the wine in our mouth: the acids present in the wine, alcohol, mineral salts, glycerin, proteins and, in the case of red wines, the tannin. The sensations we experience, however, vary with the temperature of what we eat or drink precisely because of the chemical interactions that these components have with our taste and olfactory buds.

How to cool a bottle of red wine

The best solution would be to have a refrigerator with a controlled temperature of 18 ° C, but even leaving the wine in the refrigerator for an hour is enough to reach the correct temperature.

Now that we understand the importance of serving wine at the right temperature, let’s try to understand how we can get these 18 ° C.

If we need to cool the wine even faster, it is sufficient to put it for 5 or 10 minutes in the ice bucket, which is usually used to maintain the temperature of white wines. Coldwater can cool the bottle faster than the cold air of the refrigerator can, allowing us to reach the ideal temperature in a short time.


At this point, I can enjoy a nice glass of Sangiovese at the right temperature even in the height of summer!

Maria Liana Stiavelli
Maria Liana Stiavelli

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Nel 2005 Liana Stiavelli, sommelier professionista, figlia della signora Fossi e suo marito Luca Del Bo, hanno deciso di ridare vita al Paluffo.

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