2023 Ancestrale Still

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Wine from 100% Trebbiano IGT, which was macerated for 5 days on the skins, was obtained from spontaneous fermentation in steel and not filtered. Orange colour. Alcohol content 13,9%. It has a very rich bouquet of Mediterranean scrub, yellow flowers such as broom and mimosa, and citrus. It is a dry wine in which the flavour and minerality conferred by the lands of origin stand out. The sensation in the mouth is very complex and original, with citrus tones, slightly bitterness, and tannins that clean the mouth. Excellent persistence. The ancestral does not undergo physical-chemical treatments either during winemaking or before bottling and is, therefore, kept alive and constantly evolving over time thanks to the natural yeasts in the bottle. Ideal as an aperitif and to accompany sausages, vegetarian dishes and fish but, thanks to the excellent structure and freshness, it also goes well with meat and seasoned cheese.

Harvest Date: 10 Sept. 2023
Fermentation: 5 on the skins + 10 Days
Liqueur de tirage: 29 January 2024 with Trebbiano must  from fresh pressed seasoned grapes
Aging: in bottles
Wine Composition: 100% Trebbiano
Bottles Produced: 250
pH: 3.41
Alcohol: 14
Acid: 7,05 g/l
Sulfits: < 32 mg/l


The first part of the fermentation was in stainless steel tanks with skins for 5 days, after which we removed the skins for the other 10 days of fermentation. At the end of the fermentation, it was put in steel tanks for a natural clarification for at least 2 months.