Paluffo Beer

Paluffo Beer born from the marriage of the Sangiovese must with barley malt and hop.The beer is neither pasteurized nor filtered.
Data sheet

Alc. Vol.: 8.3%
HEAD: Fine-grained, persistent, cream colour
INGREDIENTS: Water, barley malt, red berry must, hops, yeast.
COLOUR: Copper red, slightly veiled.
BUBBLES: Fine perlage, delicate carbonation.
SMELL: Complex and elegant where the notes given by the Sangiovese must stand out and are completed by the contribution of barley malt and hops. Well recognizable aromas of grapes, red fruit (cherry, strawberry, blackberry), exotic fruit, biscuit, caramel, musk, light pepper.
TASTE: Sweet attack, light refreshing acidity, medium body, long persistence. It caresses the palate with a slightly bitter finish.
AFTERTASTE: The complex fruity and peppery notes given by the added yeasts emerge more together with a slight hint of vanilla
BALANCE: Shifted between sweet and sour
RECOMMENDED: Main courses of meat, mature cheeses, game, sweets based on shortcrust pastry

Beer Production Notes:

Fermentable: 12% Sangiovese must 88% barley malts

Double fermentation with abbey, Belgian and English yeasts (high fermentation).

Maturation in steel (about 3 weeks) and in the bottle (about one month) before being placed in the bottle sale

Continental and American hops (Perle, Simcoe, Mosaic) which enhance the fruity and spicy notes of the Sangiovese must

The refermentation in the bottle allows the development of further precious aromas (spice and fruit exotic) given by specially selected yeasts and grape must.

The Sangiovese must is added in a Whirlpool, in order to thermize it, keeping it at make the most of your perfumes.