Wine is a panacea for our body?

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Wine is food and also has nutraceutical properties. Red wine has an antioxidant effect and therefore fights free radicals but is also antithrombotic, facilitating the lowering of blood pressure.

These effects are attributable to resveratrol, which is present in the skin of the berries and which passes into the red wine during fermentation.

We can say that wines with long macerations will have a higher resveratol content. Non-macerated white wines contain it only minimally due to the lack of interaction with the skins in the fermentation phase.

Resveratol has multiple effects on our body but, mainly, it has a positive role on the cardiovascular system, helping to contain diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. In addition, resveratol has an anti-inflammatory power, remember that inflammation is a situation common to many diseases.

According to a scientific study, those who consume moderate amounts of wine see a reduction in the activity of free radicals. However, this effect is ten times higher for those who consume red wine.

Research published by the University of Milan has highlighted how the polyphenols in red wine perform a protective action on Omega 3, a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties. In the presence of oxidative stress due to pollution, wrong diets, sedentary lifestyle, fatty acids such as Omega 3 can undergo degradation, turning into toxic substances for the body.

Maria Liana Stiavelli
Maria Liana Stiavelli

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Nel 2005 Liana Stiavelli, sommelier professionista, figlia della signora Fossi e suo marito Luca Del Bo, hanno deciso di ridare vita al Paluffo.

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